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While searching for good material to write about Male Sex Organs, I came across this funny post & I just couldn’t stop myself to post it here with due credit to Mr Jammy of Here’s how it goes

Male sexual organs. Yes, that’s what this post is about. You are probably thinking why you should be reading this…well here are my reasons.

You are probably a male but don’t know that and need to be told. Or you are a lady and need to be told about male sexual organs, anyway.

Male Sexual OrgansJust in case you didn’t know where to find male sexual organs

Before I sat down to write this article, I did my bit of research. I rented 13 porn movies – two of them had interesting names: ‘The Extra Testicle,’ a spoof on Steven Spielberg’s science fiction movie ET , and ‘Inspect Her Gadget,’ a spoof on the Hollywood movie Inspector Gadget.

I didn’t really learn much about the male sex organs from the porn movies, because most of the time the focus was on the female sex organ. When I checked with my friend he said that it could be because the target market for porn movies was a male anywhere from 13 years to 90 years old and with nothing to do. Understandable.

For those of you that don’t know the male sex organ consists of Ureter, Seminal Vesicles, Vas Deferens, Prostate Gland, Urethra, Testes & Scrotum…we expand them further:

• Ureter – The narrator (I noticed it rhymes) of the announcement of a full bladder
• Seminal Vesicles – It is the point of origin of all seamen. Wonder why they didn’t name it ‘Ship’ or ‘Submarine’.
• Vas Deferens – Definitely not a French restaurant. Instead, more of a captain of the ship because its job is to push the seamen forward.
• Prostate Gland – Since women don’t even have this gland, do you really care what it actually is? (Seriously, only men have prostrate glands)
• Urethra – More like an asshole without the ass. More here
• Testes – The real test of manhood, not because it is the sperm factory but because a hit here means 18 stars (that’s how many I saw)
• Scrotum – Unfortunately not a recycle bag.

Dear women, what you don’t know and we don’t show on our faces is that we men live in fear each day. Each visit outside the house involves saving our sexual organs from leather cricket balls, table corners, lamp post, small children, swinging hands, lady’s purses, lady’s bent knee etc.

We men really don’t make a big deal about this, but it really pains. Forget childbirth pains….have you ever seen ex-India captain Sourav Ganguly writhe in pain after being hit by a cricket ball? Now, don’t you ask me where….for I won’t say “Eden Gardens”…instead say, “on the male sexual organ”.

Well Ladies if you really wanna enjoy some of the best male organs. here goes the list of few :

Pink Jelly Krystal Tarson Squirmy Vibrator : Powerful in appearance and sensual delivery. Realistic pink tinted semi transparent unit with interior silver beads and base mounted battery powered control unit to facilitate a variety of speeds and movements. Realistic shape and size with smooth heads to allow easy, comfortable vaginal and anal entry and clitoral stimulation. An effective, hygienic, solidly built sex tool, well designed for maximum pleasure and variety

Cost : £22.99

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